Saturday, April 13, 2013


I'm going to start a challenge segment. These challenges will all be under the same theme: becoming frugal and partially-homemade. We really want a house. Like, badly. The trouble is- we are both clueless about budgeting and saving! I don't know how to cook, he doesn't know how to eat (pizza, perogies, chicken parm. The End.) and we don't know how to stop going out to the store and buying useless crap we do not need! We are both guilty of doing this, and by taking these baby-steps challenges seriously- I hope to implement a new lifestyle for us as a family.

Step One: No Rules.He doesn't like when I put new rules into effect. Which is why, no new rules have ever gone into effect that were directed at us adults. :\ So by labeling them as challenges- he will secretly be supportive instead of combative! Ha!

Step Two: Discipline.
Well, I don't have any of that. By sticking with the challenges, I hope to build patterns and habits, leading me to spend less, save money and time, and learn A TON of new information that otherwise, I'd be blind to.

Step Three: Committing.Committing to the project. A full seven days-no excuses are good enough! No skips-ies, time outs, pauses, or quitting. Each challenge must be met-completely. This is building discipline, by committing no matter what.

Challenge One: Completely Crock Pot
This week, starting Sunday, I will use my crock pot every day.

Usually on the typical weekday morning, I let The Queen wake me up around 8-8:30. I'll give her some milk, we do the whole diaper banter thing, put one of her assorted educational entertaining DVDs on, and I get to making us breakfast. Within this time I could VERY easily get a meal into the crock pot and turn that bad boy on. Why don't I? Because I have nothing prepped or planned. This week, its ON!

Mini-challenge. Learn to use my rice cooker! ;)

Have any simple-mouthed recipes to share? Any challenge ideas that incorporate becoming home-made or frugality?! Let me know- I might just accept that challenge! 


I am breaking up with you, soda. Your carbonation bloats me, fills me, and gasses me in ways no woman should experience. Your acid is eroding my insides, your caramel coloring is staining my teeth. Your sugar is keeping the jiggle in my wiggle. Your caffeine is starting to give me the shakes. I love you, soda. I truly, deeply do. We have been together for as long as I can remember. No one can part us; but me.
I have to say good-bye, soda. It is for the best of myself and my future that I terminate our relationship. Maybe someday I will find self-control, and will come to visit you on an occasion. Maybe that day will never come. To say your sweet, bubbling love will never cascade across my lips again would be too extreme; too terrible to admit. For now, this is good-bye.

Always your love,
Fatty Fat Fat

Sugary drinks are the biggest source of added sugar in the U.S. diet. Each 20-ounce bottle of soda contains 16 teaspoons of sugar -- that's  22 packets of sugar and 240 empty calories in one bottle! (

Monday, April 8, 2013

Rest Day!

Today is my intentional rest day from INSANITY. I say intentional, because it took me 10 days to complete the first week-not including that fit test! Between being too sore to function & too busy with school, I had to start with the most important of my tasks & put off the least important for another day. I even debated on skipping rest day, but my butt cheeks decided for me when they were sore getting out of bed this morning!

This is the farthest I have gone with INSANITY in my 3 attempts at it. This is huge for me! Even though it took me 4 extra days, I still kept going. The effort was not lost- either. I already see results in what my body can do physically. At the beginning I couldn't (&wouldn't) jump. Without jumping, this takes out a large portion of the workouts- but I modified them if possible OR did squats in their place.

Things I physically could not do on Day 1, that I could do on day 6(10)
Basketball Jumps
Suicide Drills (bent knee push-ups. Lets not get carried away!)
Mountain Climbers (my wrists couldn't support the angle while I brought my knee in)
Knee In's (Plank, jump in, jump out. I refer to them as fat-pincher's.)

I've also noticed that I can do more of the exercise than before. Where I would crap out at lets say 10 Heisman's (Heismen?) on day 2, I'd crap out at about 15/20 on day 6(10). I know my body pretty well from years of dancing, and I am sure I will be able to keep up with about 85% of the work out someday. I'm really impressed with my progress in the last 5 workouts. Its motivating- & I am really starting to wish I never gave up the first time I tried.

I don't expect miracles to happen within the next few weeks, but I do expect improvement. I demand improvement. The more results I see, the more motivated I feel to keep pressing on. I am VERY excited to build my body, endurance, stamina, & confidence back up! <3

I think May 13th will be 8 weeks. That sounds good for a progress photo, I'd say.
Dun dun dunnnn!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weight Loss: A journey back to my real body.

The Queen will be 2 in two months time, & I am still at the same weight I was before my water broke. I know, right? How humiliating! But, this time I am sticking to losing the unwanted pounds & I am going to post about the journey here, on my blog! I've taken my before photos and my measurements. I am not going to post them until I have an update to compare them to. Also, it's really taking a lot of nerve to come out publically with my figures!

I like lists. I like organization. I like deadlines. I have no self control or discipline. Now that you know this about me, you'll understand why I am creating patch projects of charts and inspiration boards! I've printed out the INSANITY 60 day (which is actually 63 days-9 of which are rest days) calendar and wrote out the dates of my workout, and a countdown to The Queen's shindig. There are some motivational quotes to read when I am feeling like death, to brighten my mood. Below that, is the 30 Day Squat Challenge that is circulating. I've added dates on the squat challenge as well. By the time her birthday comes, I should look better in my bathing suit and feel a bit more comfortable.
On the back is the image of what 1lb in fat looks like, & ridiculous pictures of me at my ideal body image. With dancing, working out, giving up pepsi (yikes!) I should see results.

I want to record and post videos, too. I know from experience how difficult it is to stay motivated when you're so defeated, find time between taking care of your family, school, and work.

EDIT: I posted this to my other blog 9 days ago, but I am re-posting it here. This is my journey, therefore it belongs in my blog-not my daughters. 

The Beginning

I'm just getting this blog set up, so this post is to be ignored.
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