Monday, April 8, 2013

Rest Day!

Today is my intentional rest day from INSANITY. I say intentional, because it took me 10 days to complete the first week-not including that fit test! Between being too sore to function & too busy with school, I had to start with the most important of my tasks & put off the least important for another day. I even debated on skipping rest day, but my butt cheeks decided for me when they were sore getting out of bed this morning!

This is the farthest I have gone with INSANITY in my 3 attempts at it. This is huge for me! Even though it took me 4 extra days, I still kept going. The effort was not lost- either. I already see results in what my body can do physically. At the beginning I couldn't (&wouldn't) jump. Without jumping, this takes out a large portion of the workouts- but I modified them if possible OR did squats in their place.

Things I physically could not do on Day 1, that I could do on day 6(10)
Basketball Jumps
Suicide Drills (bent knee push-ups. Lets not get carried away!)
Mountain Climbers (my wrists couldn't support the angle while I brought my knee in)
Knee In's (Plank, jump in, jump out. I refer to them as fat-pincher's.)

I've also noticed that I can do more of the exercise than before. Where I would crap out at lets say 10 Heisman's (Heismen?) on day 2, I'd crap out at about 15/20 on day 6(10). I know my body pretty well from years of dancing, and I am sure I will be able to keep up with about 85% of the work out someday. I'm really impressed with my progress in the last 5 workouts. Its motivating- & I am really starting to wish I never gave up the first time I tried.

I don't expect miracles to happen within the next few weeks, but I do expect improvement. I demand improvement. The more results I see, the more motivated I feel to keep pressing on. I am VERY excited to build my body, endurance, stamina, & confidence back up! <3

I think May 13th will be 8 weeks. That sounds good for a progress photo, I'd say.
Dun dun dunnnn!!
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