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I have been meaning to write a product rave for quite a while now, but I just haven't gotten around made the time to do it. Bad Annie, BAD. Well here is a big list of my favorite products of 2013. Nails, face, skin, and hair are covered in this post. What? You think I forgot about make up?1 Pshaw to you, darlin'. I needed a list exclusively for my favorite make-up products, but that is for another day! I am super excited to share it all with you! Onward!

How does it work? Open the cap, squeeze the gel onto your cuticle surrounding your entire nail, wait,  & scrape. FOUR easy steps to have better-than-professional grade cuticles. No cutting, no painful metal push- tools, and no rotary files removing the cuticle (and the top layers of your nail!).

How broke will I go? Roughly $4 and change and it lasts a very long time.

Downside: It doesn't work as fast as the directions say. I have to leave it on for about a minute before it works, instead of the suggested 30 seconds. 

How do they work? Open, apply to nail, close. These bad girls do their jobs, and do them well. I use the hardener as a base and top coat most of the time because my nails are super weak. I dab the Quick Dry on each layer so the dry time is lessened drastically and this is important to me! When do I have time to sit around and wait for 3-4 layers to dry? HAH!
How broke will I go? $3.99! I've paid upwards of $8 for a nail hardener that does the same thing. No, I will not be going back, thank you!
Downsides: The Quick Dry is watery/powdery. I cant explain the texture. it works, but it's thin and gets all over my cuticle. The Hardener has a slight color pick up if you dont want long enough to apply it to a colored polish. Wait a bit longer (I can't do that) and you'd be fine.

How does it work? Open, apply thick layer to desired area, spot test, remove completely, apply moisturizing cream. Lets be realistic, the older we get the more these rogue hairs pop up, it's a sad truth. Plucking, waxing, and epilating hair will make it come back brand new, appearing thicker and darker. Using a cream removal method acts like an acid to melt away the exposed hair, leaving the root in tact, and allowing it to regrow exactly the same: no thicker, no darker. I've experienced some redness around the areas immediately afterward, but its gone after the moisturizer soaks in and my skin rests a bit. No breakouts or rashes, though.
How broke will I go? $5 and change. A little goes a long way. I use this under my eye brows to get rid of the thin hair that my tweezers don't pick up. Smooth eye makeup, yes please!
Downsides: This shit stinks. Seriously, it smells exactly like Nair, and I am super sensitive to smells. So this being on my face turns my stomach. It works fast though, so it's a minor price to pay for an overall great product.

How does it work? Open/pump, apply to dry skin areas. I use this everywhere except my neck and face (see 6) and I only need to reapply if I've washed my hands. One application lasts me until my next shower, and I've had quite a few compliments on how soft my skin is. I've been using this for more than 6 years and I do not plan on stopping any time soon.
How broke will I go? $6 and change at Target or Shoprite for the biggest bottle. Walgreens usually carries the smaller bottle with 30% more for about $5 and change.
Downsides: The pump straw doesn't reach the bottom and I have to beat the hell out of the bottle to get the last 3/4 of an inch out, and the squeeze bottle top doesn't fit the pump bottle. Hashtag first world problems?

How does it work? Open, apply liberally to face and neck. Fresh out of my shower I apply this to a dry or damp face and neck. The end. It smells clean, doesn't need reapplication, and doesn't break the bank. I cannot say if it does anything for wrinkles of tightening the skin because I've lucked out in both departments (I'm aging well, being 28 and all...).
How broke will I go? $4 and change at ShopRite.
Downsides: I do not like the packaging, at all.  I don't like dipping my fingers into the tub of lotion. I'd like a pump or squeeze bottle, because it's more sanitary.

7. Sally's Generic Value Product Conditioning Balm - Compare to Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm
How does it work? Beautifully! Ha! Pour into hand, apply to shampooed hair, wait desired amount of time, rinse. It smells and works exactly like the original, at less than half the price. It leaves my hair smooth and shiny. A little goes a long way and this bottle has out-lasted 3 of the same size shampoos- and there is still plenty more remaining!
How broke will I go? $6 and change, depending if you're a Sally's card holder or not. It will cost you $5 to become a card holder for 1 year and you get the alternate pricing on products.
Downsides: The packaging flakes away after a while. It's a minor inconvenience to rinse away the little black specks that rub off. They eliminate the cost of fancy packaging to deliver an affordable product, so I'll take that arrangement everyday!

8. Sally's Generic Value Product Tea Tree Oil Shampoo - Compare to Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo
How does it work? Apply to wet hair, lather, rinse. Repeat if desired. This helped to clean my hair of impurities and build up without stripping it of natural oils. My favorite part about this shampoo is not what it does to my hair and scalp, but what it does to my lungs! The hot shower steam with the tea tree oil gives off a soothing vapor while you shampoo and rinse. (Sometimes, Matt uses it just for the vapors!)
How broke will I go? $6 and change, depending on your Sally's card status.
Downsides: I go through a bottle fast. I mean, 2-3 weeks fast. It's a thick shampoo so I need a bit extra to get it all over my long locks.

How does it work? Spray into towel dried/damp hair. Would you like me to repeat that? Simple, right? I use this on my ends because I haven't had a hair cut in 2 years and 7 months, therefore my ends needs some help keeping their shit in order. This lasts FOREVER. I've been using this product since 2005 and I've only been through 3 bottles. If you abide by product expiration dates (and I don't know of a single person that does) then you might be disposing of half-full bottles and starting over. That's crazy talk to me.
How broke will I go? $6 and change. I buy this at Sally's so again, prices vary if you're a 5 dolla' VIP with a Sally's card.
Downsides: If you go overboard, you will feel the build up. You learn how much you need, and then use that amount. Some days I go crazy because I love the smell and I'll spritz it all over my hair and when it dries, my hair looks worse than when I washed it. So, moderation. This shiz works!

How does it work? Squeeze, apply, wait 3+ minutes, rinse. I have no complaints about this product, let me just tell you that now. I love the smell. I love the texture. I love the result of my hair. I love that a little goes a long way and the bottle lasts me forever. I love the packaging. No flip screw pump tops, pick it up and squeeze it into your hand. THUMBS UP FOR EASE! I love that it costs:
How broke will I go? $3 effin dollars and change. DASSIT! (Target)
Downsides: None. Seriously.

What made your 2013 favorites list? Have you tried any of these products and have a similar/opposite feeling about them? Comment below and let me know!

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Basically, no one will pay me to sell you on something, if I don't love it myself.

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