Saturday, April 13, 2013


I'm going to start a challenge segment. These challenges will all be under the same theme: becoming frugal and partially-homemade. We really want a house. Like, badly. The trouble is- we are both clueless about budgeting and saving! I don't know how to cook, he doesn't know how to eat (pizza, perogies, chicken parm. The End.) and we don't know how to stop going out to the store and buying useless crap we do not need! We are both guilty of doing this, and by taking these baby-steps challenges seriously- I hope to implement a new lifestyle for us as a family.

Step One: No Rules.He doesn't like when I put new rules into effect. Which is why, no new rules have ever gone into effect that were directed at us adults. :\ So by labeling them as challenges- he will secretly be supportive instead of combative! Ha!

Step Two: Discipline.
Well, I don't have any of that. By sticking with the challenges, I hope to build patterns and habits, leading me to spend less, save money and time, and learn A TON of new information that otherwise, I'd be blind to.

Step Three: Committing.Committing to the project. A full seven days-no excuses are good enough! No skips-ies, time outs, pauses, or quitting. Each challenge must be met-completely. This is building discipline, by committing no matter what.

Challenge One: Completely Crock Pot
This week, starting Sunday, I will use my crock pot every day.

Usually on the typical weekday morning, I let The Queen wake me up around 8-8:30. I'll give her some milk, we do the whole diaper banter thing, put one of her assorted educational entertaining DVDs on, and I get to making us breakfast. Within this time I could VERY easily get a meal into the crock pot and turn that bad boy on. Why don't I? Because I have nothing prepped or planned. This week, its ON!

Mini-challenge. Learn to use my rice cooker! ;)

Have any simple-mouthed recipes to share? Any challenge ideas that incorporate becoming home-made or frugality?! Let me know- I might just accept that challenge! 
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