100 IN 1,001

There are two things on this page that I am all about- Lists & Challenges! Here is my personal list for 101 Things to do in 1,001 Days. I will not write a blog post for the items completed before I posted this, but I will post about my completed tasks from now on. :) Please take this challenge with me and let me know of your progress!

Start date: Tuesday, January 1, 2013
1,001 day: Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life Progression
1.        Graduate – Walk at graduation! 
2.        Get certified to become a substitute teacher.
3.        Bump up GPA.
4.        Freelance in design.
5.        Take a photography class.
6.        Buy a laptop for editing.
7.        Get life insurance.
8.        Fix credit.
9.        Move into a new apartment.
Go Places & Do things.
10.     Go on a cruise.
11.     Start 4 new traditions. (Pumpkin picking. Birthday Photos. Christmas Morning @ Mema's.)
12.     Visit all walk through zoos in Nearby NJ and NY.
13.     Visit Lady Liberty.
14.     Go on a picnic.
15.     Go Bowling.
16.     Fly a kite.
17.     Go to 5 museums.
18.     Watch a space phenomenon. (Red Moon 5/2013)
19.     Sing karaoke.
20.     Ride a horse.
21.     Take Nora to the park 3x a week.
22.     Go ice skating.
23.     Go on a winter vacation.
24.     View Christmas Tree in NYC.
25.     Visit upstate NY for a week.
26.     Go strawberry, apple, or pumpkin picking. Two out of three works.
27.     Join the Library.
28.     Attend a parade.
29.     Snowboard.
30.     Go to beach as a family group.
31.     Go see an Ice Show. [Nov. 2014]
32.     Take Brody to a dog park.
33.     Have a board game night once a month with my family.
34.     Go to a medium/psychic.
35.     Donate blood.
36.     Play BINGO.
Entertain Yourself.
37.     Read 50 books. (17/50) (see sidebar for goodreads list.)
38.     Read the Harry Potter Series (counts toward the 50.) [Stone. Chamber. Prisoner. Goblet. Order. Prince. Hallows.]
39.     Watch ALL Tom Hanks movies.
40.     Go to midnight premier of a movie.
41.     See 1 movie in theater a month.
Food Related Goodness.
42.     Cook Thanksgiving Dinner.
43.     Drink more water than soda for 1 week
44.     Learn to love 5 new vegetables. [Red onion. Red peppers. Peas. Corn.]
45.     Make a cake using fondant.
46.     Take a cooking class.
47.     Take a baking class.
48.     Bake bread.
49.     Make my mothers cheese ball recipe.
50.     Give up carbs for 1 week.
51.     Completely give up soda.
52.     Compile recipes into a book.
53.     Crockpot for 1 month straight.
Get These Things Done.
54.     Potty train.
55.     Write to Nora 4x a week.
56.     Teach Nora her colors, numbers, to write her name, and alphabet.
57.     Enroll Nora in dance classes.
58.     Get tattoos. I for Nora, II for mommy. heartbeats.
59.     Make mommies grave beautiful. (Thank you, rain. For flooding the seeds I planted.)
60.     Assemble photo albums.
61.     Get square and rectangle pictures of Nora framed.
62.     Grow hair and donate to Locks of Love
63.     Send out Baptism thank you’s and Christmas cards. (print 1 photo, and late apology.)
Money in / Money out.
64.     Start a strict savings account.
65.     Buy a house.
66.     Pack lunch instead of eating out for 1 month.
67.     Recycle.
68.     Sell everything at Englishtown.
69.     Buy & ride a bike.
70.     Figure out and stick to a budgeting system.
71.     Go 1 week without spending any money – except on bills.
72.     Use reusable grocery bags (except at target.)
73.     Finish Christmas Shopping before December 1st.
74.     Buy a new bed set.
75.     Buy a Coach Bag.
76.     Redeem Amazon local deal for sunglasses by august.
77.     Get a massage. 
                  Get Into A Shape That Isn’t Round.
78.     Dance again.
79.     Start & complete 10 challenges. (Photo, cooking, workout, organize, etc.)
80.     Do a Zumba class.
81.     Squat 190lbs.
82.     Try a yoga class.
83.     FITPLAN Book – complete entire 12 weeks.
84.     Weigh less than 160lbs.
85.     Come out of the red for ALL machines at the gym.
86.     Go to the gym 4-5 x a week until goal is met.
87.     Continue with before and after progress photos.
88.     Post actual weight, measurements, and start photos when you lose 50lbs. 
89.     Do a detox.
90.     Cover box spring with fabric.
91.     Write and illustrate a kids book inspired by Nora.
92.     Sew pillow cases for Nora’s mini pillows.
93.     Turn handwriting into a font.
94.     Create freebies for blog/pinterest.
95.     Write, promote, and establish a blog
96.     Learn to crochet.
97.     Maintain CafePress Etsy website seriously, add images 1x a week on a schedule.
98.     Make & sell tutus.
99.     Get a family staples draft print made up.
100.  Finish Nora’s dress.
101.  Shadow boxes for:

in progress.

updated 12/21/2014

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