Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Let’s just get into it, because I've been away for far too long and I am in the mood to blog it to you, baby!
I need to discuss something fun and new in my life: Ipsy!

Ipsy is a subscription beauty bag--doesn't that sound enticing on its own? For $10 a month  you get 4-5 trial-to-full sized products in an adorable themed bag that is selected based off of your results for the subscription quiz.

I subscribed and went through the little channels to get off of the waiting list immediately because I wanted new makeup for our trip to Louisiana. I honestly didn't expect my bag to arrive before we left for our trip, but it came two nights before! Matt comes inside and says “There’s a giant pink package in our mailbox” and I squealed with delight!

I’m going to be straight-up with you. I was a bit disappointed in my bag at first. I wasn't crazy about the circular bag, the tiny trial sizes, or the theme.

…..Then I used the products!

Here is the quickie.
So the bag is adorable, isn't it!? I love polka dots and the pencil case style is adorable. It surprisingly holds more make up than any of my other little bags, so I love it even more now. Its sturdy, and similar styles cost $20 at Sephora!

Absolute  |  You’re The BALM  |  Green Apple  |  $2.99 on
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I went for this first because I am a huge chap stick/lip balm fan. I am not a fan of this, but it isn’t a bad product. I don’t enjoy the taste of it- if it were flavored I would wear this all the time! The Queen loves it and asks to put it on constantly, so it’s a win in her book. You can buy these as a 2 pack of different smells (Watermelon & Grape, or Strawberry & Bubblegum) for $5.99. (note, that is not my picture of the lipbalm)

Lord & Berry  |  Black Silk Kajal Kohl Liner  |  #1001  |  $15 on  |  $7.50 worth of product

I’ve only tried this once because I rarely wear eye liner. I haven’t found an inexpensive one that doesn’t smudge and run the entire time it’s on my face. This was no different, unfortunately. I will try it out a few more times but it doesn’t look too hopeful! I don’t know why they gave me this. IPSY, LEARN YOUR CLIENTS!!

Coastal Scents  |  Forever Blush Duo  |  Fresh / Elegant  |  $7.95 each on |  $3.98 worth of product

LOVE IT! Somewhere on Ipsy’s facebook page I saw a tip to put Elegant in the hollows of your cheekbone like a contour, and Fresh above that on the cheekbone itself for a glow. I LOVE the way it looks on my skin. It had a gorgeous pigment payoff and lasts a decent amount of time.

Urban Decay  |  Perversion Mascara  |  Black  |  $22 on  |  $5.50 worth of product

I wasn’t excited about this until my friend told me with was the seckz-and homegirl doesn’t lie when it comes to her lashes—so I tried it and WOW WOW WOW. I don’t spend a lot of money on make up- but this I will be going out to purchase for myself very soon. It lasts forever, flakes a tiny bit at the end of the work day, and separates and lengthens my lashes beautifully.

Dr. Brandt  |  Pores No More Refiner Primer  |  $45 on  |  $11.25 worth of product

I’ve tried monostat chafing gel as a primer, and Baby Skin pore blur, and they both weren’t a good match for my oily, large pored skin. This makes a noticeable difference in my pores and my makeup application. It smells a bit medicated-like Noxzema-and is tinted so it blends into my skin.

Overall, I am pleased with my products but not their sizes. The only full size product in my bag was the lip balm I didn't care for.

What has been your favorite Ipsy bag product, and your least favorite? What other INEXPENSIVE subscription bags would you recommend?

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