Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weight Loss: A journey back to my real body.

The Queen will be 2 in two months time, & I am still at the same weight I was before my water broke. I know, right? How humiliating! But, this time I am sticking to losing the unwanted pounds & I am going to post about the journey here, on my blog! I've taken my before photos and my measurements. I am not going to post them until I have an update to compare them to. Also, it's really taking a lot of nerve to come out publically with my figures!

I like lists. I like organization. I like deadlines. I have no self control or discipline. Now that you know this about me, you'll understand why I am creating patch projects of charts and inspiration boards! I've printed out the INSANITY 60 day (which is actually 63 days-9 of which are rest days) calendar and wrote out the dates of my workout, and a countdown to The Queen's shindig. There are some motivational quotes to read when I am feeling like death, to brighten my mood. Below that, is the 30 Day Squat Challenge that is circulating. I've added dates on the squat challenge as well. By the time her birthday comes, I should look better in my bathing suit and feel a bit more comfortable.
On the back is the image of what 1lb in fat looks like, & ridiculous pictures of me at my ideal body image. With dancing, working out, giving up pepsi (yikes!) I should see results.

I want to record and post videos, too. I know from experience how difficult it is to stay motivated when you're so defeated, find time between taking care of your family, school, and work.

EDIT: I posted this to my other blog 9 days ago, but I am re-posting it here. This is my journey, therefore it belongs in my blog-not my daughters. 

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