Monday, August 19, 2013


Before Friday night, when I took my family and in-laws out to eat because I did not feel like cooking- we had not been out to eat in quite a while. I've been really trying to cook more, buy more produce, and keep up with my kitchen duties. I cannot-and will not-lie to you... Cooking just isn't fun for me! It's very stressful! The dog under my feet, tripping over the car, kicking toys and magnets, little hands pulling food off the counter- onions burning my eyes, the heat, splatter, waiting, tasting.... It's too much!
Now baking: I LOVE to bake-when there isn't a 2 year old running around who thinks the oven-glass door is a mirror for her to sit in front of and watch herself make awesome faces. So baking doesn't actually happen too often, but when it does I enjoy it!

Yes, I attempted to do a slow-cooker-week a while back but life got in the way. This week I am serious about it! I made some meatballs last week that we're so delicious, they were immediately requested for this week and claimed as a new favorite dish. That's motivation!
I'll figure out dinner first thing in the morning after I take note of the pantry and freezer inventory for my shopping list. After that I will meal plan the rest of the week. Through out the week I'll post my meal plan, ingredients, prep, cook time, and results of the meals.
No pizza or perogie dinners (favorite go-to's when we come home late/are tired) this week, ONLY meals that have been slow cooking.
Send me your favorite recipes to try out! Post them below if you'd like them to be public of private email me!

Monday, August 12, 2013


 Before: 9/2011  During: 6 & 7/2013

I didn't realize how heavy I had gotten. This wasn't due to pregnancy. This was 2 months of a crumb-cake and Pepsi diet. Trying to keep myself awake with a new born, eating something that would fill me up quickly. How incredibly fast the weight came on, and how incredibly slow it is leaving! But, IT IS LEAVING. The first progress pictures I am sharing, and I hope I'll have more soon. As nerve wracking as this is, it's also liberating and motivational to me.

I owe thanks to my family and friends who are endlessly supportive (and patient with my constant blabbering's of weight loss)!

My current short-term goal is to lose 8lbs by 8/28. 15 Days. :)
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