Thursday, May 23, 2013


LEG PRESS: (unknown weight. 6th bar.) 5x8
CALF RAISES: (same machine, same weight) 5x8
CHEST PRESS: (unknown weight. 4th bar.) 2x6  (3rd bar): 1x6 1 1x8
LEG EXTENSIONS: 78lbs 2x6  66lbs 2x8
MID ROW: 115lbs 4x6  135lbs 1x6
SEATED DIP: 99lbs 1x6  86lbs 1x6  72lbs 2x8
BICEPS CURL: 70lbs 2x6  62lbs 2x8
SHOULDER PRESS: 76lbs 1x4  69lbs 1x6  62lbs 1x8 55lbs 1x8
LAP PULL DOWNS: 117lbs 1x6  102lbs 1x6  85lbs 2x8
LEG CURLS: 115lbs 2x6  97lbs 2x8
OUTER THIGHS: 140lbs 2x8  120lbs  2x8
INNER THIGHS: 120lbs 1x8 90lbs 2x8 100 1x6
CRUNCHES: C 2x8  R 2x10  L 2x10  C 1x10
SQUATS: 45lb bar 2x25lb weights = 95lbs 3x8
TREADMILL: 31.5min 2-3.5 walking & power walking, 1:30 5.5 jog.
BIKE OF DEATH: 26.24 minutes (I aimed for 250 calories/6 laps.)
There came a point in my life very recently that I whole-heatedly decided that enough was enough. The Queen is almost 2, and I am still the same weight I was when I gave birth to her. That is unacceptable. Women pacify it by dealing out comforting thoughts such as "It usually takes about 2 years to get the weight off!" and "Well you have no time- it'll come off on its own!" Thank you, but that's not the case.

The case is was that I wasn't trying to get the weight off. It's that simple! I'd get into these super-overdrive-motivation modes for 3 days, just to give up as quickly. The work outs were too hard, I couldn't keep up, my joints, my lungs, no time, no energy, school is in the way, it's the holiday-- how many things can get in the way of me?!
The answer then: a lot!
The answer now: myself.
I've stopped trying to find the time to go to the gym, and now I make the time to go. I feel so good each day I go- it's motivation that carries me through the day.
I have friends that have been in the same boat that I was/am in. The only thing that I can do is encourage them. It is SO, INCREDIBLY HARD to get out of the rut you can get stuck in. Not only for mothers, either. Women in relationships that put the comfort pounds on, college freshman 15, birth control weight gain, health issues- whatever the cause and case may be. It is hard to find the motivation and to hold onto it. I know- I did it for 2 years now!
I started this blog as a way to keep up anonymously with my progress, but lately I've realized that not everyone is as verbal about their insecurities as I am- but they are still struggling with the same thing I am. So, here I am. Accountable for my actions and inaction. Putting myself out there like my friend did for me. I am on a mission to get my old body back, and then improve it. I am on a mission to show my daughter that I can keep up. I am on a mission to improve my health so I can be her superhero. I am on a mission to chase my dog around the block every time he runs away, and not feel like I am about to implode. I am on a mission to skinny jeans and pretty tops, wearing tank tops and lifting my arms, stepping out of the plus size section and getting back into my favorite stores. I am on a mission to feel confidence, to walk with my head high again- because I've been teaching my daughter to look down at the floor. No more.

I'm on a mission to becoming A MILF. Yeah. I am on a life changing mission that started with a realization, baby stepped into quitting soda, tumbled into joining the gym, and is snow balling into working myself 110%, sweating without caring, and eating with purpose.

I am on a mission to be proud of myself-inside and out-because I am working for it.


Peace, Love, Sweat, & Happiness.
A Clueless moment from me to my friends:
My machine just started inclining without letting me know and I yelled out "what the F%#$ is happening?!" in a panic. It was like an earthquake. I shouldn't be allowed here.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013



So my last post was about how dedicated I was to losing weight using Insanity by The Queen's 2nd birthday party in June. Well, I should have known better! If it isn't life, or school, or overwhelming circumstanced getting in the way of my late night work outs- it's my exhaustion by the end of the day. Once I missed a day, it was too easy to keep on missing 'em. If I am being perfectly honest here, I hate that damn work out. It is so impossibly hard to keep going with all thing jiggle going on with each jump! So, I quit.

But wait a second! I DID however join a gym! My sister told me about a gym that opened up less than a month ago right by my laundromat. Sweet! GTL, baby! I went and joined! I had some anxieties over going alone but I finally had big sister babysit me through a work out and tonight, I went all by myself! THAT is a personal achievement for me.
So I've done the 30 minute circuit on both days, which includes:
Leg press
Hamstring Curl
Chest Press
Biceps Curl
Triceps Extension
and I throw in a few reps of:
Abdominal Crunches
There are more machines that work the thighs, the back, and the arms. All of which are killing me!
I love it!
I also purchased this book by GAIAM called FITPLAN from Target. I wont go into detail, but this is right up my ally. I like to keep a track, draw, doodle, and have something to DO with all of this information at the end of the day. I like to be accountable for my food decisions and my inactivity- and reading it will help motivate me in all aspects. It is an 84-day (12 week) planner with a bio at the beginning and at the end. It focuses on your energy and mood levels as well as your activity, diet, and exercise. Check it out if you're into this sort of thing.
Finally, I want to just address something for myself. I start my 9th term today (each term is 2 classes/6weeks long.) Digital Manipulation. (you cannot fathom how long I've waited for this class!) I started August 2011, semi-immediately after The Queen was born. She kicked my perspective into high gear- a gear I've never had before her.
Now she is almost two, and I haven't stopped. I'm damn proud of myself. I have big plans for myself, and this is the first major step in getting those plans in motion. Two years have passed by SO quickly. I can't wait to look back at myself two years from now and see what I've accomplished as a student, toward my career, and as a woman. Motherhood is my priority but I am not letting myself fail as an individual. I will be an inspiration to her.
Be Your Best.
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