Monday, September 30, 2013


Family above all else. My siblings are the most helpful, selfless, generous people I share this life with and I’m very blessed to have them. They help each other (and me) in anyway they are capable. I love my siblings immensely and thank my stars that we were raised the way we were.
I lost my mother at 25. I guess 25 years is better than nothing, right? But with my mother, no amount of time would have been enough. She was just a classy, funny-as-hell broad that you loved to be around. I miss her excruciating amounts.
I cried when I found out the child was a girl. Four months after losing my mother, we found out the gender of “nugget” and I said “It’s still early, though. She could still grow a penis!” It wasn’t until I was driving home, missing my mother, and thinking about the incredible relationship we had as mother and daughter, that I realized I was beyond ecstatic to have a girl. I didn’t realize I wanted a daughter so bad until it was confirmed that I was building one. So when people tell me to wait for those teenage years when she hates me and I’m wrong about everything- suck it. My mother was my best friend no matter what age I was, and I have complete confidence that while we will fight, the child will feel the same towards me.
I have no self discipline. I do what I want, when I want to do it, and that is why I am still not back to my pre-partum weight. I don’t bargain with or restrict myself from the things that I want and enjoy because life is short.
I want to own a home more than I want to be back into my pre-baby clothing. I want to be a home owner and enjoy the struggles and hassles and the yard! Oh, the yard!
I loathe ketchup. Get that nasty away from me!
I unapologetically love TV, movies, and fiction books. I love getting away for a while in the comfort of my home, wrapping myself in their story and being enveloped. I can’t afford to travel so why not?
My mom called me Poopy my entire life. I believe it came from my unyielding love for Winnie the Pooh. I used to cry when it (and Gumby) was over and the credits rolled.
I love to clean late at night. (Another reason I want my own home instead of an apartment!) If I could clean at night without disturbing anyone, my apartment would always be perfectly organized and gleaming.
I can spend 12 hours on my computer without a 2nd thought. I haven’t in a very, very long time, but I could.
I am not a morning person. I do not enjoy coffee. I will have a morning conversation with you and not remember a single word of it. It is best to leave me alone until after 12pm, just to be safe.
I am terrified of birds. However, I love owls. They are a special little fowl that I enjoy and would probably even pet. All other birds should just go away, though.
I am also terrified of spiders, thousand-leggers, and any bug that jumps. Screw it, bugs. I’m just scared of bugs. I also wouldn’t want to come face to face with bears or sharks, because I’d pee all over.
I gnaw my nails off when I am stressed while reading, and I won’t realize I’ve done it until I’m finished and in pain.
I take 600+ pictures and videos with my phone in a 2 week period.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Hey there! I wanted to post a really simple, fast, and useful tutorial for you. I made this Thursday between the time I put the child to bed, and before she fell asleep. Super simple! Now here's the backstory and tutorial!

7/2010. Me at 24 in my awesome shirt from Target

So once upon a time before I became a mommy, I was thinner and wore cute tops like this. (Big ups to my sister-from-another-mister Ryne over at 1, 2, 3, 4, Kids, Bacon, Coffee, More. for this photo of outstanding quality and character!) I saved this top hoping to fit into it again once I've reached my weight-related goals, but when I pulled my Al Borland shirt at the beginning of summer I noticed a small-yet noticeable-hole right on the stomach. After weeping for a few moments, I tossed aside my old plaid friend and awaited inspiration.
Being the mother to a toddler, a student, employed, and book lover, I really don't have the time or the space I need to use my sewing machine often. So after dusting off my sewing machine for the 70th time, it dawned on me. Use my funky fabric for a dust cover! It will allow me to peer over at the colorful plaid, and keep the dust off of my lovely, barely used machine. Let us begin.

Step 1: I cut the bra top and elastic off, and place on the child to wear. (That’s not mandatory.) Because the top is an empire style top which flares out at the bottom, I didn’t need to neatly rip my seams apart. I cut the seams off and folded the two pieces- good side together/insides out-and making sure I had the needed length, cut the flared excess fabric away. I was left with 2 squares of fabric.

Step 2: (not photographed) pin. I didn’t care if the patchwork matched up-the patchier the better-so I didn’t line anything up. I pinned one side, sewed it using a straight stitch size 3, checked for any gaps. Pinned the second side, sewed it, and checked it. For the top, I threw it over the top of my machine before pinning, because I didn’t want excessive fabric drooping below the machine. I gathered the fabric, pinned one on each side, gathered the fabric on the edges, continued pinning on top of the gatherings, and then finally sewed the top.
Step 3: Simple hem along the bottom. I saved this for last because if I accidentally made it too long, I could cut and hem to make it fit even better. Luckily all I had to do was help the raw edge.

It isn’t fantastic, but it fits and it works! It only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Show me your dust covers-bought or made! Help me make better tutorials, comment below and tell me what I could have added to make this more helpful!

Monday, September 9, 2013


For about 2.5 weeks I've been super demotivated. My body has not come back fast enough and I was going to punish the gym by not using it.
So, I just wasted my money and my indulgences, because I didn't even attempt to burn to calories off! Well, I saw some results today in my most unflattering pants. That motivated me all over again! Also in the time I had not gone to the gym I lost 1lb, and that makes me even happier.
So I need to really get on track with my stomach. My abdominal muscles (or lack thereof) is straining my lower back, and that doesn't feel good at all. Tomorrow I am starting an ab & squat challenge, and I am going to repeat each set 3x through out the day. A bit after breakfast, a bit after lunch, and while at the gym with weights (for squats). The more, the heavier, the better!

Found it over at!
Also, I will be posting some freebies here in short time! I'm so so excited about it!
(Slow Cooker finale is coming up, soon. I'll explain why this time it took so long when it's posted. Well, Ill just tell you now. It's your fault for not giving me delicious recipes. I hope you're proud of yourself!)
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