Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The days my daughter puts her face on mine, and just holds me tight with her chubby, perfect arms; that lights up my life. When she comes over to me and gives me a kiss, and then carries on with her business-that little break she takes to show me she loves me-that is my happiness. When she sees a mark on my body that isn’t regular, like a beauty mark or a freckle and points, asking “boo boo?” in a concerned tone, that caring soul makes me melt. When she grabs my hand to pull me to whatever she wants to show me, experience with me- that act of “join me on this journey to the other room, mommy. I want you with me.” is heartwarming. She gives me a happiness I never knew was possible. She allows me to open my mind and experience a peace, a chaos, a perspective I’ve never needed to have before. She causes me to worry every second I am alive. She forces me to have patience and to think in a better way. She teaches me to think twice about everything, because when the questions come, I want to be able to answer her with openness, honesty, and completely without any judgments. I want to be a better person, a better woman because of her. She motivates me and inspires me. She loves me for exactly who and what I am, and she in her entirety lights up my everything.

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