Wednesday, May 15, 2013



So my last post was about how dedicated I was to losing weight using Insanity by The Queen's 2nd birthday party in June. Well, I should have known better! If it isn't life, or school, or overwhelming circumstanced getting in the way of my late night work outs- it's my exhaustion by the end of the day. Once I missed a day, it was too easy to keep on missing 'em. If I am being perfectly honest here, I hate that damn work out. It is so impossibly hard to keep going with all thing jiggle going on with each jump! So, I quit.

But wait a second! I DID however join a gym! My sister told me about a gym that opened up less than a month ago right by my laundromat. Sweet! GTL, baby! I went and joined! I had some anxieties over going alone but I finally had big sister babysit me through a work out and tonight, I went all by myself! THAT is a personal achievement for me.
So I've done the 30 minute circuit on both days, which includes:
Leg press
Hamstring Curl
Chest Press
Biceps Curl
Triceps Extension
and I throw in a few reps of:
Abdominal Crunches
There are more machines that work the thighs, the back, and the arms. All of which are killing me!
I love it!
I also purchased this book by GAIAM called FITPLAN from Target. I wont go into detail, but this is right up my ally. I like to keep a track, draw, doodle, and have something to DO with all of this information at the end of the day. I like to be accountable for my food decisions and my inactivity- and reading it will help motivate me in all aspects. It is an 84-day (12 week) planner with a bio at the beginning and at the end. It focuses on your energy and mood levels as well as your activity, diet, and exercise. Check it out if you're into this sort of thing.
Finally, I want to just address something for myself. I start my 9th term today (each term is 2 classes/6weeks long.) Digital Manipulation. (you cannot fathom how long I've waited for this class!) I started August 2011, semi-immediately after The Queen was born. She kicked my perspective into high gear- a gear I've never had before her.
Now she is almost two, and I haven't stopped. I'm damn proud of myself. I have big plans for myself, and this is the first major step in getting those plans in motion. Two years have passed by SO quickly. I can't wait to look back at myself two years from now and see what I've accomplished as a student, toward my career, and as a woman. Motherhood is my priority but I am not letting myself fail as an individual. I will be an inspiration to her.
Be Your Best.
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