Sunday, November 3, 2013


It has been mentioned here on my blog that I lost my mother in 2010 very unexpectedly. If you were not aware, you now are. The article of clothing I am very attached to, that is the center of my 15 Day Blog Challenge, is a blue sweater of hers.

Can't you just feel the oversized mommy comfort this brings me? yesssssssss.

She wore this sweater almost every day of her life. It was soft, warm, comfortable, and had pockets for her cigarettes- hello, bonus! It has big buttons that close in the front so it could be thrown on and off quickly, worn closed or opened. It was an object that brought her warmth and comfort.

It is now an article that brings me warmth, comfort, and the representation of a hug from her. Not that we hugged a lot-ohh nooo-my mother was vehemently disgusted by physical affection. We are not a touchy feely people! But it was her sweater, and now I swear it, and therefore it is a hug, dammit!

This is my favorite article of clothing next to my Hogwarts tshirt. I don’t get attach to clothes (tell that to the three bags of pre-partum clothing still waiting for me in the closet that I cant donate!) but this is the one object I’d like to remember when the zombies rise.

Do you have a sentimental article of clothing? Socks your grandma knit, or a shirt of your best friend who moved too far to visit? Comment below and tell me about it so I know I’m not the only one!

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