Friday, November 15, 2013


I've been reading SO MUCH criticism about early Christmas celebrators on my Facebook and Pinterest pages. The music is on, the commercials have begun, the flyers and sales and recipes are circulating. I am guilty-if it were up to me, our home would be lit with the tree and decorations from my mothers last few jolly seasons with us, our stockings would be pinned and awaiting the goodies. My front door owl would have his Santa hat on instead of turkey feathers. Oh, yes. I am ALL about the Christmas season!
I don't think 25 days is long enough for this feeling! I wait all year for the spirit of Christmas to fill every room I enter! Every kitchen and every home is buzzing with anticipation of that magical night and fantastic morning! Its a perfect prelude into a New Year. New clothes, new toys, new stuff, new you! I don't understand why everyone is so upset that Christmas is pushed into our store aisles starting in October. I mean, what exactly can you decorate for Thanksgiving, that wont be replaced with some Christmas/Santa/Winter/Holiday thing in less than a month, anyway?
My fall dish towels get a few good weeks on display, and then out come my Poinsettia towels, then Snow men, then the Christmas TREE SET! Then Halloween because my life is so disorganized, I just can't care for a while.

Thanks Flickr for my Christmas Story photo. Best scene!

You don't have to decorate to be Thankful for Thanksgiving. Shit, it doesn't need to be Thanksgiving for you to express you're grateful. Thanksgiving should be daily, but Christmas only comes once a year! AND I PLAN TO CELELBRATE AND DECORATE LIKE CRAZY!

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