Monday, November 11, 2013


What does it take to live my life? Not much, really. Not a lot of money, or things, or complications. I am a little busy, but its nothing anybody else couldn't handle. Its manageable, my life.
It takes patience to deal with the things I deal with. From small things like the terrible twos (small thing in MY experience, she isn’t constantly terrible. I’m beyond grateful!) to Brody getting into the garbage for people food while he’s already sick, to waiting until 8:30 to be allowed to do something for myself like homework or go to the gym.
Speed that a plus size mama with bad knees should have, for those fun shopping trips with an antsy, curious runner.
Reflexes like a cat, to be able to catch a clumsy, over tired child before she falls, or be able to scoop her up, get her onto the counter, and feed her some ice cream in less than 5 seconds when she does fall.
Organizational awareness, to keep the clutter (mostly) at bay.
Few self needs, because money isn’t exactly falling from the sky around here! I get very little for myself, even when I need something I will put it off as long as possible.
A sense of humor is key, because laughter is what gets me through what sleep cannot. Without laughing, I’d be crying, and I am not a pretty crier!
The ability to nap during the day is super important to me, because that is where I get most of my consistent, from 12-2!
Honesty is super important because even if I did decide to start lying, I would be horrible at it because I have such a bad memory. I can’t remember the things I do, never mind keeping up with a story of things I didn’t do. That’s too much work, and I’m busy enough.
I don’t have a crazy work ethic, but I have an insatiable need to provide for my daughter. I would rather struggle with managing my time by squeezing in two jobs, than struggle to pay my bills or take her places, or buy her Christmas presents. My pride as a mother is strengthened because I am willing to accept the work, whatever it may be, to better her life.

I like to think the biggest necessity in my life is strength to keep going. Persistence. Perseverance. My life is not exactly perfect, how I planned it to be, or ideal for some. I have some shit I go through in my personal, you will never know this unless you are severely close to me, life. I think the main reason why I am where I am is because I haven’t laid down and become a victim of my circumstance, I keep pushing through because that’s how my mother raised me. There is nothing handed to me in this life that I cannot handle. I handle it- that’s all there is to it. I handle everything head on, and plow through it.
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