Monday, September 9, 2013


For about 2.5 weeks I've been super demotivated. My body has not come back fast enough and I was going to punish the gym by not using it.
So, I just wasted my money and my indulgences, because I didn't even attempt to burn to calories off! Well, I saw some results today in my most unflattering pants. That motivated me all over again! Also in the time I had not gone to the gym I lost 1lb, and that makes me even happier.
So I need to really get on track with my stomach. My abdominal muscles (or lack thereof) is straining my lower back, and that doesn't feel good at all. Tomorrow I am starting an ab & squat challenge, and I am going to repeat each set 3x through out the day. A bit after breakfast, a bit after lunch, and while at the gym with weights (for squats). The more, the heavier, the better!

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Also, I will be posting some freebies here in short time! I'm so so excited about it!
(Slow Cooker finale is coming up, soon. I'll explain why this time it took so long when it's posted. Well, Ill just tell you now. It's your fault for not giving me delicious recipes. I hope you're proud of yourself!)
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